My First American Products

My first visit to an American grocery store happened the day I immigrated. I arrived in Seattle mid-morning, wide-eyed and excited about my new land. My bags contained possessions I had carefully selected with a comfort that I was moving to a country where I could buy anything I needed. And so, I landed here with a basic shopping list in hand, and headed off to a local store that very first day.

Shampoo, conditioner, body butter, lip balm, body soap, toothpaste. And “Ooooooh, that red-brown nail polish is so cute.” I bought the basics and dove into American products without a second thought.

I thought I was safe.

I was not.

I thought products on US shelves were tested for safety.

They are not.


In 2016, my doctor told me I have concerning lead levels. She urged me to remove all sources of lead from my life. After testing and research I discovered that one of the main lead sources in my life was my gorgeous shimmery bronzer that I was using daily as eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer. I had been poisoning myself little by little every day for over 10 years.

That made me wonder what was in the rest of my products. What I found was shocking and made me feel totally duped and taken advantage of.

Commonly used ingredients in products on US shelves are extremely concerning.

Most deodorants have known carcinogens. Anti-aging face creams have tumor growth accelerants. Many children’s products have hormone disruptors. So many of the makeup products we use have lead and other heavy metals.

We are spending billions on cancer research to find a cure. At the same time, we are spending billions on products that contain known carcinogens. And we are using them none the wiser.

Most people think their products are regulated by the FDA like their food is. They are NOT. Most people think their products are pre-tested for human safety. They are NOT.

I knew immediately that I needed to share all this information with my family and friends. I couldn’t let my loved ones continue to unknowingly put toxic ingredients on themselves every day.

This is a project of passion for me. I want to do everything I can to reduce my friends’ factors for cancer, hormone diseases, undiagnosable conditions, anxiety, depression, and other concerns that seem to come out of nowhere and impact so many. is a place where I will share all the things I’ve learned and continue to learn. I will share my favorite saver products and easy changes you can make in everyday life. I will share links to new research and legislative advances. And I will share encouragement and inspiration as you journey against mainstream consumer culture.

I am a resource and cheerleader for you! Let me know how I can support you in your journey.

With care and hope,


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