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Reduce your kids’ exposure to toxics by switching to safer lunch storage solutions.

Life is busy and I needed safer lunch storage solutions that are both easy to use and easy to clean. Here are my top pics that have been tried and tested for the past few years by my three kids. 🙂
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Switching away from plastics is a great way to reduce exposure to toxics. My top pick for safer lunch boxes is stainless steel. After trying many options, my favorite is Blue Water Bento’s stainless steel boxes with silicone lids which make them leak-proof! I found the largest size from MightyNest. There are smaller snack sizes on Amazon. They’re all easy to wash and easy for little hands to open.

Keeping lunches cool in insulated bags can be done without VOCs, BPAs, and other concerns. Wildkins makes lunch bags from safer fabrics that are easy to clean and really durable. My kids have tried their zipper version and pouch version. Our top pick is the pouch simply because it fits more food and the Blue Water Bento boxes fit perfectly at the bottom of these lunch bags!

Plastic baggies are concerning for humans AND for landfill! My fav safer reusable baggies are Stasher Bags. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and have a dependable seal. I clean ours in our dishwasher and set them over glasses to fully dry.

These silicone popsicle molds are great for school snacks like berries, small crackers, diced cheese. They come in sets of six and are easy to clean. My kids each have their favorite colors and love to fill them with their snacks.

Plastics contain known carcinogens and hormone disruptors. Switch from plastic water bottles to safer options. The safest option is glass and there are great silicone covers to help protect the bottles, however I wanted something non-breakable for my kids (and, who are we kidding, me too!) Once again, stainless steel is a great option. My favorite is Klean Kanteen. There are several sizes, lid styles, and single or double wall options.

Sunscreen is a big deal for toxicity issues. Commonly used SPF ingredients are extremely concerning even in “natural” brands. My top pick for safer SPF is Beautycounter’s Countersun. It comes in a regular liquid, air-propelled Mist, and a solid stick for the face. They have a great 60-day return policy so you can try it risk free. We like the Face Stick for face, ears, and back of neck, and the Mist for arms and legs.

I want to protect my kids from all the school germs, but the ingredients in hand sanitizer are concerning. We love Dr. Bronner’s Hand Sanitizer spray. Give one to your teacher for classroom use and put another in their lunch bag for before lunch. I also have them in my handbag and car. They’re great for travel too!

Making small switches to safer will add up to a big difference. I hope this post makes the process easier! Happy Back to School!

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