Over the past seven years, I have learned an incredible amount about common toxic sources in homes.

Working with my doctors and NDs, I have ditched as many of the offenders as possible and have switched to safer option.  While in our day and age it’s almost impossible to find truly “safe” options, we can find “safer” options that greatly reduce toxicity in our every day lives.

There are many things in life we can’t control, but we have the amazing power to control what we put on our bodies, what we use in our own homes, and what we spend our hard earned money on. The more consumers vote with their wallets, the more notice companies will take. Every time we purchase safer products we are sending a message to the manufacturers and retailers.

Here are my current favorite safer products for my home, my family, and myself. New products being test driven, reviewed and added regularly! (Note: Affiliate Links give support without any added cost to the purchaser.)